Dayna Posada is a jewelry designer from Houston, Texas. She arrived to the United States in 1998 from her native Cuba and it wasn't long before a well of untapped potential found room to flow within her. Throughout the years she cultivated her artistic talent by traveling, working meticulously and immersing herself in the culture's landscape, nature and people. She also traveled throughout Europe and South America. This path eventually led her back to a childhood passion; creating beautiful jewelry with her own hands.

Dayna's creativity - as in nature, grows and expands organically, adapting to shifting environments and thriving on diversity. During a family visit to Cuba, Dayna found herself with very limited art materials and in the face of adversity. Silver string and semiprecious stones were no where to be found, instead she replaced these luxiuries with fragments of old textiles, seashells, wood, keys or coins that she would find along the street or in a friend's house. These new "treasures" or what was once considered "trash" fostered a stage of endless new discoveries leading up to her latest collection: PREMDA.

The name  PREMDA comes from the conjunction of the Hindu word prem and -da, the first syllable in the name Dayna. She found the Hindu word in the pages of WISDOM, a catalog of photos and thoughts collected from Indian masters -by Danielle and Oliver Follmi, the official photographers of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In one of the photographs, there was a young and cheerful woman smiling frankly to the camera. The caption below read: "Prem, a young woman of Adivasi: her name means Love". Next to it a quote by Mahatma Gandhi: "The real ornament of woman is her character, her purity". This simple expression inspired her to name her collection PREMDA, which sounds very similar to the word "prenda", in Spanish, meaning "a thing that one gives or does as proof or demonstration of something" and "a person one loves intensely". It is also the root of the Spanish work "prendado" meaning "in love" or "captivated".

PREMDA was born out of love and in a very specific way. When Dayna met Cuban painter Alberto Lago in 2013 their story became the subject of his work and she remained the main subject behind his paintings ever since. Lago paints stunning psychedelic landscapes and nudes with fluorescent acrylics, mixing colors beautifully not only on the canvas but also on his painter's palette. Dayna found the by-product of his work too beautiful to throw away and began experimenting with it, exploring its possibilities and eventually discovering that dry acrylic was durable, flexible, adaptable and easy to combine with other materials. * To view Lago's work click on Links *.

Every jewel and accessory in the PREMDA collection is unique. Two earrings from the same set are never identical. The particular distribution of color and texture in the acrylic is fortuitous- just like veins in a rock - completely irreplicable. The design aims to bring the medium back to life through the qualities of the material, exploiting the beautiful layering and ductility of the medium and combining it with silver, gold and Swarovski crystals. Each jewelry turns out to be sophisticated and playful at the same time and they reveal, under black light, a new kind of hidden beauty.